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Michele Sharik Live: In Concert

:: Concert Review   
"Michèle is a real inspiration in so many ways.  She is completely musical, through and through.  She is knowledgeable, funny, entertaining, and deeply soulful in her music making.  Her technique serves the music; it's never technique for its own sake.  Her repertoire selections are tasteful, sophisticated and beautiful, never silly or cheesy.  Her grace, beauty and musicianship all contribute to a wonderful concert experience."

-Stephanie Wiltse, Director, Embellish™ Handbell Ensemble, Grand Rapids, Michigan












The Golden Dance Live: In Concert



Handbell Solo Artist Michèle Sharik is internationally renowned for her graceful and flowing performance style. Join her as she weaves a tapestry of story and music, combining both beauty and strength in her own dance-like choreography that takes the listener on a journey from Renaissance England to the Golden Gate, and all points in between.

Filmed on a single, stationary camera, this no-frills "bootleg"-style video nevertheless perfectly showcases Michèle's artistry and finesse.

The concert features Dr. Valerie Sterk on piano and was part of the Arts of St. Bede's concert series, recorded live April 17, 2010, at St. Bede's Episcopal Church, Menlo Park, CA. 

Track List

1. Rondeau: The Prince of Denmark's March ("Trumpet Voluntary")    
2. Program Notes: Rondeau    
3. Program Notes: Morning    
4. Morning from Peer Gynt Suite, Op. 46, No. 1    
5. Program Notes: Meditation    
6. Meditation on Bach's First Piano Prelude ("Ave Maria")    
7. Program Notes: Greensleeves    
8. Greensleeves    
9. Program Notes: Finlandia    
10. Fantasy on 'Finlandia' ("Be Still My Soul")    
11. Program Notes: Grazioso    
12. Grazioso    
13. Program Notes: Seventeen Come Sunday    
14. March: Seventeen Come Sunday from English Folk Song Suite    
15. Program Notes: Serenade    
16. Serenade: 'Softly My Songs Call to You' from Swan Song, D. 957, No. 4    
17. Program Notes: Shenandoah    
18. Shenandoah    
19. Program Notes: San Francisco    
20. I Left My Heart in San Francisco    
21. Program Notes: Old Irish Blessing    
22. Old Irish Blessing