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The Golden Dance Store offers high-quality handbell sheet music for solo and ensemble ringers at a reasonable cost, as well as Michèle's CDs, DVDs, instructional videos, & accompaniment tracks.


About "Performance Rights"
and "Royalties"

According to US Copyright law, performance royalties are required unless the work is performed during a worship service or in a school classroom for educational purposes (see the US Copyright Office website or the ASCAP Licensing FAQ for details).

The Golden Dance is a publishing member and Michèle is a writer member of ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. All performance royalties are administered through them. Please contact your local ASCAP Representative for more information about performance rights and royalties.

NOTE: ASCAP does not deal in mechanical or synchronization licensing. If you want to record the music, either audio or video, for any purpose, please contact us before you record!






Duplication Master License Agreement

The Golden Dance store offers sheet music in the standard web publishing format. That means you can download and view the sheet music as a PDF file so you can see the music and determine if you'd like to buy it, but the file is locked so you will not be able to print or modify the file. If you like it and decide to purchase it, you will receive a link to download an un-locked PDF.

You will need PDF reading software in order to see the music. Fortunately, there are many kinds of PDF reading software and most of them are free! Simply do a Google search for “PDF reader” to find software that works for you.

Our sheet music comes with a "Duplication Master" license. This means that you may make as many copies as you need for your particular performance situation. All we ask is that you don't give copies to others with whom you're not performing.

NOTE: In the case of businesses or organizations, use of this music is limited to one physical location and one performing or rehearsing group at a time. As an example, a school district or religious organization (such as diocese or presbytery) may not purchase one copy and then distribute it to all their schools or churches. Each individual school or church needs to buy a copy.

When you place your order, we will ask you for your email address. This is so that if additions (such as transpositions of instrumental parts, etc.) or corrections are made to the score, you can be contacted so you can update your copies! You will be given a URL (web address) at which you can download - for no extra charge, of course - a PDF of the updated score.

We ask that if you find any errors in the score or parts that you let us know! That way, we can ensure that our music is as error-free as possible. Hey, we're human, so errors do happen from time to time. Help us eliminate them!

Don't worry, The Golden Dance Store will never sell or distribute your email address to anyone! (We hate spam as much as you do!)

NOTE: By downloading sheet music from The Golden Dance you are signifying your agreement with these license terms. A copy of this license agreement will be included in all downloadable music packets.