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Meditation on the First Piano Prelude by J. S. Bach
("Ave Maria")
by Charles Gounod
arr. by Michèle Sharik

In 1853, French composer Charles Gounod (1818-1893) had the audacity to think that he could fit a melody over the top of J. S. Bach’s masterpiece, the Prelude No. 1 from The Well-Tempered Clavier. By now it is probably safe to say that his experiment was successful.

Originally written for violin, piano and various other instruments and entitled Méditation sur le 1er Prélude de piano de S. Bach, Gounod later transcribed it for voices and in 1859, added the words of the Ave Maria prayer. It was in this form that the work received its most widespread attention and has been passed down as one of the great works of all time.


Meditation on the First Piano Prelude by J. S. Bach ("Ave Maria")

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  • Instrumentation: Solo handbells, instrument and piano or harp
  • Key:  G major
  • Bells Used: G4-B6
  • Price:  $10.00
  • Date last updated: Feb 08, 2008
  • ASCAP Reference Number: 353636
  • ASCAP Title Code: 130077577
  • Catalog Number: TGD1005

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  •  a part for C instrument in treble clef (ie. flute or oboe);
  •  a part for B-flat instrument in treble clef (ie. clarinet);
  •  a part for F instrument in treble clef (ie. English Horn);
  •  a part for C instrument in alto clef (ie. viola);
  •  a part for C instrument in bass clef (ie. cello or bassoon);  and
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